What can I do to help prevent a dead battery in the winter months?

by | Nov 13, 2020 | Car tips by Brad

Cold winter mornings are one of the worst times to have problems getting your car started. Cold weather and car batteries simply don’t mix well. They produce less current when it’s cold- Sometimes it’s a lot less.

When turning the key and the engine doesn’t catch right away, only crank it a few seconds, then stop. Wait a moment or two, your battery may need a minute or so before it can deliver its full power before trying again.

The best way to deal with cold weather starting problems is to not have them in the first place. Here are some ways you can prevent them:

1. Turn off all electrical accessories. That means all lights, heater, defroster, wiper blades, radio and so on. If it still fails to turn on, a jump-start may be necessary.

2. Keep your car warm in a garage or by parking near something big may help.

3. Use a battery heater or engine block heather. Sometimes it is necessary to keep an engine block warm overnight.

4. For high quality protection against extreme temperatures and environments, use Loctite Dielectric Grease as a battery terminal protector.

5. A battery blanket wrap is useful to insulate your battery overnight to maintain warmth. Remember to remove the wrap before starting your car.

Bring your vehicle in to use at United Service Automotive for a complementary winter battery inspection. If any repair or replacement is needed, it’s a small yet important investment to avoid the aggravation and potentially dangerous coast of a breakdown in cold and freezing weather.

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